BFTP 1 – The Ranch

From the Blast From the Past Sketchbook 1.

I had changed jobs by this time (my previous employers sold the printing side of their business to their son, whom I went to work for) and I cheered up a little. I do remember being a little perplexed by the impatience of some of the customers. Everything was always rushed, and getting out to the country to just sit and watch a rabbit hop around was a soothing balm.

I like the colors and the line work on the flower and branch.


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I am a freelance graphic designer/illustrator/artist living in central South Dakota. I also help run the family cattle ranch (well, mostly I just do the manual labor). I practice a martial art called Kyuki-Do, and I also study Judo and Tai-Chi. I am a big sports fan, favorite teams are the Minnesota Twins & Tennessee Lady Vols. Favorite athlete is Martina Hingis. View all posts by tamikamaria

2 responses to “BFTP 1 – The Ranch

  • Danielle

    I enjoyed your artwork and writing so much. I especially enjoyed the part about finding your quiet place. I also need to find a quiet place to recharge after a day filled with a lot of people and activities. I have recently discovered I’m more of an introvert than extrovert and I’m sure most people that know me very well, already knew that about me but I’m just discovering it and it’s helped to do some research on the subject of introvert personalities. Thanks for painting such a clear picture with your words and artwork of your “quiet place”. I felt like I was there. Maybe if I don’t make it to my quiet place I can just borrow yours? Ha ha! 🙂

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