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Hipstamatic Controversy?

New York Times photographer Damon Winters has come under criticism lately for using his cell phone and the Hipstamatic app to take a series of photos of US troops deployed in combat overseas.

For the life of me, I can’t see why. Since when have photographs not been manipulated? Even in the olden days of film you could wildly distort reality with exposure times, manipulation during developing, cutting, pasting, and on and on. Perhaps everyone has their panties in a bunch because Mr. Winters won third place for feature picture story from Pictures of the Year International?

I say bravo to Mr. Winters for an excellent series of photos honoring an under-recognized group of very brave people: our troops on the front lines.

See the photos and read Mr. Winters’ reaction to the “controversy” here:



Winter Geese

Think Spring! Part Two

Think Spring!

A Touch of Frost

Frosty Grass 3

Frosty Tree 2

Frosty Grass 2

Frosty Grass


You may have heard on the news last week that South Dakota had a rip-roaring blizzard over Christmas.

Then again, maybe not. We’re not even in the atlas after all. 

Bismark, South Dakota? Sioux Falls, North Dakota? Fargo, Minnesota?

Same thing.

Well, we did have a blizzard. A bad one. The whole state was shut down for three days. It was illegal to be out driving. Martial law! Anarchy!

Well, not the anarchy thing. We just stayed home and ate fudge. We’re a practical lot here in the Dakotas.

I hope we don’t have to use this tractor before June.

On the bright side, the dog found a new place to hang out. Hope we don’t have to use that pickup before July.

Fire in the streets! Anarchy! Someone call FEMA!

Oh wait, someone’s just burning trash. In a giant hole. In a snowbank.


In the meantime, we’ll just keep shoveling out. 

With love, from North Minnesota Fargo South Pierre Dakota.